Colin Rothwell

I'm a research engineer and avid Slack user at Improbable. Before this, I was part of the sinister world of academia.

When I'm not at work, I might be on performing improvised or stand-up comedy. If I'm lacking in interpersonal interaction, I make jokes on Twitter.

Computery Interests

At Improbable, I carry out research into distributed systems for games. It's fun.

Before this, I wrote a PhD thesis titled “Attacks from Malicious PCIe Peripherals” where I showed that current defences against DMA attacks from PCIe and Thunderbolt devices are inadequate. You can download it as an 8MiB pdf here. I was supervised by Simon Moore and Robert Watson, and taughts students a whole bunch of courses in a variety of systems-related stuff.

I did my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Churchill College, Cambridge.

I have the obligatory account on GitHub for if I ever write anything worth sharing, and have a habit of occasionally producing exceptionally silly christmas games.

Non-Computery Interests

In London, I have taken quite a lot of courses in improvised comedy, which I sporadically perform. I've also been known to appear performing stand-up on the open mic circuit.

I spend probably too much time playing Dungeons and Dragons, mostly running it for other people. D&D is cool now. Honest. I think quite a lot about how to run D&D, but I probably won't ever get round to writing any of it down.

I spent a lot of time at Cambridge “contributing” to the student theatre scene in one way or another, performing in several Edinburgh Fringe shows, and once going as far as to have toured round Europe performing Hamlet to schoolchildren. I have designed posters for a variety of shows.

When I'm not doing that, I read quite a lot and occasionally bake nice food. As much as I can, I try to cycle to get around.