Colin Rothwell

I've just submitted my PhD in Computer Science with the Computer Architecture Group at the University of Cambridge, where I currently work as Postdoctoral Research Assistant.

When I'm not at work, I spend a lot of time on stage, trying to make people laugh. If you want a steady stream of bizarre jokes, I'm on Twitter.

Computery Interests

I am currently part of the CTSRD project, which aims to fundamentally improve computer security by rethinking the hardware-software interface. My thesis was titled “Attacks from Malicious PCIe Peripherals” and showed that current defences against DMA attacks from PCIe and Thunderbolt devices are inadequate. Over the course of my PhD I did various other pieces of work to improve the CHERI processor. I was supervised by Simon Moore and Robert Watson.

I have taught students a range of courses, including Computer Design, Comparative Architectures, System-on-Chip Design, ECAD, Compiler Construction, Mobile and Sensor Systems, and Computer Networking.

I did my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Churchill College, Cambridge.

I have the obligatory account on GitHub for if I ever write anything worth sharing, and have a habit of occasionally producing exceptionally silly christmas games.

Non-Computery Interests

I spend a lot of time when not working “contributing” to Cambridge's student theatre scene in one way or another. I primarily perform improvised comedy, and have performed in many shows and directed shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. I have also run many workshops for various improv groups. Outside of that, I have performed in various scripted shows, including a Footlights' Pantomime and West Side Story, and have toured round Europe performing Hamlet to schoolchildren. I have also designed posters for a variety of shows.

When I'm not doing that, I read quite a lot, occasionally bake, and play pen-and-paper RPGs.