Colin Rothwell

is studying for a PhD in Computer Science with the Computer Architecture Group at the University of Cambridge.

Switching into first person as soon as possible; outside computers, I'm interested in things like drama, comedy, singing, reading, board games, and even a few other bits and bobs.

I'm on Twitter. My CV used to be online, but that only resulted in irritating phone calls from really dodgy recruiters, so it isn't any more.

Computery Interests

My PhD work is on the CHERI processor, which introduces support for capabilities into hardware. Specifically, I'm looking at how capabilities can be used to improve the performance of heterogeneous architectures. I'm supervised by Simon Moore. I give supervisions to undergraduates in a variety of courses related to computer architecture.

I did my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Churchill College, Cambridge. My third-year project was implementing a MIPS floating point coprocessor in Bluespec System-Verilog. According to my supervisor, I did a “bang up job”.

I have an account on GitHub for if I ever write anything worth sharing. I've done internships at Ensoft and Red Gate.

Non-Computery Interests

I try to do quite a few things which aren't directly related to my degree. For example, I've been President and “Theatre Sizar” of the College Drama society. I've been in a few plays, mostly funny (well, hopefully), and co-directed one too. I've performed and compered for several improv shows at College, dabbled in sketches and standup, and written silly articles for The Tab, and the College magazine. On top of that, I sing in the College choir, because it let me in without an audition. I also singly loudly at home if nobody else is around.

In the rest of my time, I have been known to put on tight clothes and ride a bike, read quite a lot, bake things, take photos, and play board games.